Daisy Chain Tower DVD/CD Duplicator


Daisy-Chain duplicator is at the leading edge of Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator technology. It can support a maximum of 255 towers linkage to create over 4,000 pieces of discs in just one run of duplication. Three Free-chain models of 7 targets, 10 targets, and 15 targets all support 12x Blu-ray, 24x DVD, and 52x CD burning speed. With special “Asynchronous” technology, there is no worry of interruption to the Daisy Chain duplication. Each duplicator tower works simultaneously and independently.The Daisy Chain duplicator is flexible and easy to set up. The towers can be increased by adding one by one. Just plug in the Daisy Chain linkage cable through the RJ45 connector. Up To 255 Towers , the Daisy Chain controller can function as a standalone tower or link to a maximum of 255 towers which means you can create over 4,000 pieces of disc in one duplication run. All models of 7 targets, 10 targets, and 15 targets support 10x Blu-ray, 20x DVD, and 52x CD burning speed

Use RJ45 Cable Only

–You only need a standard RJ45 cable to connect between towers.

Asynchronous Copying
–With smart asynchronous copying technology, the Free-Chain duplication will not be affected by any interruptions such as a break in the linkage or the power going off.

Copy + Compare
–Bit by bit compare though hardware after copy guarantees the data copy integrity. It’s a fast, reliable and convenient solution.

DDR2 Buffer Memory

The controller applies the 64-bit DDR2 buffer memory which is 4 times the  speed of SDRAM. Only 64-bit DDR2 can guarantee 11 Blu-ray targets to be duplicated above 10x speed. High and stable transmission can reduce the copying fail rate and increase the productivity.

High Compatibility

This duplicator controller offers high compatibility that supports most major optical drives. This advantage allows you to apply the drives with the most economic solution.