Device Seizure


DS was the first mobile forensic tool on the market. Designed from the ground up for forensically sound examinations of cell phones and other devices, DS set the industry standard for mobile investigations. Your tool should include logical and physical acquisitions as well as password bypassing and file system extractions in one easy-to- use tool. Extracting data from devices is only the beginning. Logical, physical, and file system extractions in one low cost tool. DS takes your investigation to the next level with advanced analysis capabilities, data and application parsing, automated deleted data recovery, and much more. Automated data parsers & deleted data recovery make your job easier. Add to this list of features integration with Google Earth to pinpoint GPS data found on devices, case comparing to see what has changed on a device from one point in time to another, comprehensive reporting, and importing data from iTunes backups, BlackBerry Backups, cell tower location spreadsheets, Cellebrite & Tarantula data, and GPS/KML files and you won’t be able to find another mobile forensic tool that can match the features of DS. Each license of DS comes with Link2 for visual link analysis.

Logical Acquisitions

DS 7 supports logical acquisitions of over 8,000 mobile devices. Acquired data includes everything from call logs, SMS, pictures, contacts, and other user data to recovery of deleted data from extracted databases.

Physical Acquisitions

Full physical acquisitions are also supported in DS 7. You don’t even have to pay extra to be able to physically acquire over 6,600 devices. DS 7 includes physical extractions which can get much more deleted data than logical acquisitions.

File System Acquisitions

With support of acquiring file systems for over 7,200 devices, DS 7 gets more user data than ever before including passwords, photos, videos, and more.

Password Bypassing

User password recovery of mobile devices can make or break a case. DS 7 extracts user passwords from over 2,500 devices including iPhones (physical extractions), Androids (screenlocks), and more.

IP-Box and Brute Force Tool Support

DS 7 can be used with brute force password unlocking tools such as teh IP-Box, the HDB Box, etc. Once these tools have found the password/passcode, simply unlock the phone and use DS 7 to acquire data.

Please Note: Use extreme caution with any smartphone ulocking hardware as they have the potential of “bricking” phones or otherwise causing partial or complete data loss.