Forensic Replicator




Create bit-stream copies of drives and media.


Choose your format: Raw DD or Proprietary.






Forensic Replicator is a bit-stream forensic image creation tool. Forensic Replicator is a Windows based tool that creates bit-by-bit raw DD images of hard drives and related media. You can also create images in PFR format to encrypt the image, compress it, or break it up into smaller pieces. Forensic Replicator gives you everything you would expect in a forensic imaging tool. You can create bit-by-bit forensic images, verify your image integrity with hash calculation, document use of write blockers in your report, view an image’s contents, and much more. Forensic Replicator goes to great lengths to preserve you evidence. Built in software based write protection helps ensure you won’t write to your evidence. Hash verification and detailed reporting also help maintain the integrity of your data.