P2 Commander





“Compares feature-by-feature to your expensive tool.”


“Data triage, advanced email analysis, porn detection, & more.”



P2 Commander or P2C is a comprehensive digital investigation tool with over ten years of court-approved use by forensic examiners. An integrated database and true multi-threading mean faster processing. P2C was built on trusted email examination tools for unparalleled network email and personal email archive analysis. Advanced features like Data Triage analysis, Xbox analysis, pornography detection, and file sorting along with comprehensive reporting and a case audit trail give investigators everything they need to present their findings in a repeatable and visually pleasing way. P2C now supports the analysis of mobile device data acquired using DS. Simply load in your Device Seizure case files (*.ds) as evidence and you can perform advanced analysis of your mobile device data within the same case as other computer forensic evidence.

Full Forensic Examination

P2C is a comprehensive forensic digital analysis tool capable of performing complete examinations and reporting on computer related data. With a built-in database and multi-threading capabilities, it is designed to handle vast amounts of data while utilizing all of your systems resources. P2C is a court approved tool that has over 12 years of development explicitly for computer forensic examiners.

Data Triage

Sometimes, you don’t have time to do a comprehensive examination. P2C’s Data Triage feature allows examiners to quickly review the most common areas evidence is found. By parsing out registry and other system files, the Data Triage feature allows you to quickly find email, chat logs, internet history, recently used documents, and other information from the Windows registry.

Specialized Analysis Engines

P2C allows examiners to get very granular in the examinations. With specialized analysis engines for email and network email archives as well as chat logs, internet history, Windows registry files, gaming systems (Xbox 360 & Xbox One), and even mobile device data, P2C leaves no stone unturned. When it comes to email analysis, P2C is unmatched.

Illicit Image Detection

P2C has an advanced illicit image detection feature so you can find pornographic images within your evidence. The Image Analyzer uses 11 different algorithms to determine if an image is pornographic in nature. Each image is sorted into categories based on the likelihood it is pornographic. This porn detection feature is included with every license of P2C.

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