SCSI to IDE Drive Converter


Tired of paying a premium for a SCSI hard drive for only half the storage capacity of an IDE hard drive? With the IDE to SCSI converter, you can turn any IDE hard drive into a SCSI hard drive. There is no driver to install and it works practically with any OS. The converter also supports SCSI performance up to Ultra LVD160 SCSI standard, ensuring maximum performance of the fastest ATA133 hard drive.

Features :

  • On board high speed micro-controller
  • Convert any IDE hard drive to SCSI hard drive
  • simple plug and play, no drivers required
  • compatible with DOS, Windows 95, 98SE, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux and Mac
  • Support all SCSI standard up to LVD160
  • Selectable SCSI ID