The vulnerability of information stored on a PC hard drive is a recognized security risk. It is simply not enough to just delete, reformat or overwrite sensitive information. The only solution that guarantees 100% data erasure is to use a degausser.

The process of degaussing is achieved by passing the media, in this case the hard disk, through a powerful magnetic field, which rearranges the metallic particles, completely removing any resemblance of the original data. Even if the hard drive is not working, the degaussing process can be used to ensure that data contained is removed completely and cannot be recovered.

The Governments, organizations and the military are adopting standards for the effective disposal of hard drives, and ALL recommend that hard drives are sanitized with a degausser prior to their destruction.

Hard Disk Eraser

If you want to recycle the old drives, then buy our hard disk erasers. You can re-use the drives after erasing. Less wastage and less trash created but secure up to DoD standards.

Heavy Duty Case


We supply heavy duty cases for degaussers and forensic tools