DVD Duplicator




The CD/DVD and Blu-Ray publishers can easily be configured with the following printers: Inkjet Printer, Monochrome Thermal Transfer Printer, as well as the    industry’s highest resolution printer which is the colour thermal re-transfer printer with dye-sublimation printing technology.





 Hard Disk Duplicator



Duplicators for many Hard Disk Types – EIDE/IDE/SATA 3.5″, 2.5″, SSD (adapters – optional) 1.8″, ZIF, mSATA, uSATA, M2



Flash Memory Duplicator



It has an excellent ability to support different memory card model. Eg. CF (Compact Flash), DOM, iDOC, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick, Multimedia Card, SmartMedia, Securd Digital, XD PC, Micro Drive and USB thumbdrive.

Copy to flash memory or back up to DVD-R. For production or evidence copies.




Secure Data Wiper/ Eraser


Erasing hard disks, drives data securely for re-use or disposal. Super-fast Hard Disk Drive data eraser, Evidence eliminator, and Hard Disk Drive and storage devices “data sanitizer”.

The erase operation is NIST 800-88 compliance, with the use of DoD or Security Erase and Enhanced Security Erase protocols.