CD-R/ DVD-R Duplicators

DVD Evidence Capture System

evidence_duplicatorThe CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray Evidence Backup duplicator series provides high-capacity data recording and duplication from 650MB to over 25GB per disc – that’s 5 times more that a standard DVD (4.7Gb).



Blu-ray Tower (Tower Copier)



The Blu-Ray disc provides for high-capacity data recording and duplication of over 24 GB per disc. Blu-Ray Tower copiers are available from 1 drive, 3, 5, 7 to 10 drives.








DVD7 Tower Duplicator (Tower Copier)

dvd7 AdvanceIT Manual tower 1 to 7 DVD/ CD duplicator. Made with high quality casing, power supply, controller and drives. This is a high end machine at an affordable price. 




DVD3 (Tower Copier)




An economical, 1-to-3 DVD copier that burns DVDs at 22X speed and CDs at 48X speed.





DVD1 (Tower Copier)




A one-to-one standalone DVD or Blu-ray copier. Low cost easy operation.