Blu-Ray Tower


All-New Revolutionary Blu-Ray Recordable Technology!

A new era in recordable media is here. Expected to revolutionize digital and high-definition storage, the Blu-Ray disc provides for high-capacity data recording and duplication of over 24GB per disc.

System Overview

The Blu-Ray series of tower duplicators employs either 4 or 10 recorders. The hard drive comes standard with the Pro system and allows for image archiving of up to 25GB. An intuitive, menu-driven display and a 5-button control interface provide one-touch operation for the novice user while providing advanced features for the professional.

Advanced Features
  • Standalone BD-R/BD-RE and DVD+-R/RW/DL duplicator
  • PC-connect through USB 2.0 to one drive
  • One-touch duplication
  • Speed-selectable for DVD+/-R
  • Supports writing to BD-R/BD-RE and DVD+-R/RW/DL
  • Copy and verify
  • Hard drive standard for standalone BD/DVD image archival
  • Store multiple hard drive images
  • Counter feature allows user to input number of discs needed to be copied. and keeps track of total discs completed
  • Automatically detects BD or DVD masters
  • Simulation mode to ensure recording stability
  • Easy-to-read, two-line display for status and error reporting
  • Updates easily installed through Blu-Ray drive
  • Supported recording media: BD-R/BD-RE and DVD+-R/RW/DL
  • Power Source: 115V/230V 50-60Hz switchable power supply
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Dimensions (10-Bay): 7.48” W x 16.75” D x 24.5” H
  • Power Supply: 400W
  • Environment: Temperature: 40˚C (104˚F) / 5˚C (41˚F) Humidity: 20%-80%