DVD1 Tower Duplicator


Features :

  • Copy and Verify
  • Blu-ray version optional
  • Back-lit LCD interface with selection-driven menu structure
  • 22X DVD and 48X CD Copying

It is an economical DVD copier that burn DVDs at 22X speed and CDs at 48X Speed! It is a 1 to 1 DVD/CD copier modelled after the popular DVD3.

The Duplicator is perfectly suited to organizations that need to deliver small runs on demand or need to have in-house control of their content.

Ease of use and a compact footprint make the Duplicator suited for the front office or practically anywhere in the studio. One button copying gives the user the ability to make many copies at a time at the highest recording speed available.

Use it standalone (without connecting to a PC).

It supports DVD+R and DVD-R, and can copy DVD Video or data. In addition, it also support all of the most popular CD recording formats, including audio, data, and more. Even dual-layer DVD discs can be copied on this versatile dvd duplicator.