SSD Duplicator


High copy speed of 9GB/min

Copy speed up to 150 MB/sec,or 9GB per minute data transfer rate! The copy speed will remain the same even if the number of load is increased. In today’s competitive business environment, higher efficiency allows you to stand out from the others.

Open Platform

Creative Open Platform design for the convenience of SSD duplication. Inserting the SSD converter (SSD to HDD interface) into the copy port, and exchanging SSD without unplugging the converter to save time and achieve higher efficiency.

Supporting multi-format SSD interfaces

Open Platform series HDD Duplicator support mSATA,slim SATA,Micro SATA and NGFF format of SSD interface at higher compatibility. (The SSD converter is available for additional charge)

Asynchronous copy doubles flexibility

Each HDD port works independently for higher efficiency. Plug and copy, no need to wait for the whole batch of HDD get ready to start copy at the same time.

Fast Copy of valid data area

Analyzing valid data area and supporting Fast Copy of system and files under three major operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac. No need to copy the whole media and allowing you to do more in less time!

Signal Lamp (This is sold separately)

With an optional large signal lamp, machine operating status is at a glance.Even if you are not next to it, you still can know the duplicator working status at any time.

Powerful quality check function (These functions are sold separately)

  • H3 Read Test
  • H4 Read/Write test
  • H6 Unused Space Read/Write Test
  • H7 Counterfeit Card Capacity Check

Other Features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Standalone, no need of computer or software, therefore no virus infection
  • Equipped with automatic power-off mechanism to protect the hard drive from damage
  • Fan automatic control system will stop the fan from running when it detects the finish of copy process to keep noise low.


Operation Type Standalone (No PC required)
Target 4 / 9
Copy Speed 150 MB/sec
Copy Mode Synchronous / Asynchronous
Copy Area Full Copy / Data Area (Fast Copy)
Supported Media 2.5” and 3.5” HDD / SSD
Supported File System for Fast Copy Windows: FAT 16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS
Linux: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4
mac OS: HFS, HFS+
Display 2 x 16 Backlit LCD
Operation Interface 4 control buttons (↑/↓/ ENT / ESC )
System Memory 128MB
Power 115V ~ 230V
Certification FCC, CE, UL

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