USB Stick Copier


Entry level solution for the duplication of data images to up to seven USB memory sticks simultaneously.

This system consists of a active USB 2.0 hi-speed hub with altec copy software (correct functioning only guaranteed with supplied model of USB hub).

The system requirements for using the USB7 include a PC with Windows XP, a free USB connector, seven available drive letters and administrative rights for the software.

The in-house developed copy software has the same «look & feel» as the software for all other Copiers.

Compatible media

The following storage media can be used in the USB Stick Copier:
– USB 2.0 memory sticks
– USB 1.1 memory sticks

The USB sticks must be less than 11 mm in width, if all seven USB slots are to be used. There are no restrictions concerning the lengths of the USB sticks used.

We strongly recommend that you only use USB memory sticks from international brand manufacturers such as SanDisk, Lexar or Transcend.

Copying speed

The USB7’s transfer rate is more than 30 MB/sec. under ideal conditions. For example, copying of seven USB sticks with 512 MB each takes less than 2 minutes (speed depends on USB stick type and USB connection).

Copying methods

Three different copying methods are available for copying the data – copying of entire data images, copying of short images and the so-called file copying method.