Multi-Data Capture Tablet

Multi-Data Capture Tablet is a fully loaded handheld data capture solution. Scanning fingerprints, Scanning Barcodes, IC contact Card Reader, and more. This multi-touch, sunlight-readable tablet stands far and above other tablet devices available. This IP65-rated device is a tough tablet designed for enterprise applications where mission-critical data is at stake. It is Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof. It is Mobile data capture and processing applications with on-the-fly authentication.

This IP65 Andriod Tablet is built-in with:
1) 4.3″ multi-touch screen
2) 3G/4G Cellular Network
3) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
4) Camera with 2.0M pixesl in the front and 8.0M pixels in the rear with auto focus and flash
5) Extended battery life
6) D1&2D laser Barcode Scanner, and UPEK TCS1CT FBI FIPS 201 certified fingerprint scanner.

This Tablet allows users to quickly and efficiently capture or retrieve mission critical data in any environment.
It includes all of the necessary SDK’s free of charge and provides a rugged data capture solution for enterprise and government applications of all sizes.
The unit is a very economic and affordable solution.

Features :

    • Vertical Applications:
    • Mobile Identification: Law enforcement, remote field operations, sporting event management, commercial security, TWIC, PIV/CAC, voter ID, health care/patient management.
    • Field Sales/Service: Sales/order tracking, location-based services, inventory management, invoicing/signature capture.
    • Logistics: Improved workflow management, time and attendance, navigation, asset management, proof of delivery.
    • POS: Queue Busting, price/stock check, data capture, sales tracking and ordering, asset tracking/routing, inventory management, proof of service.Add on purchasing options:
      1) NFC (not compatible with IC card reader)
      2) UHF RFID (0-2m) 915MHZ, ISO 18000-6C (R2000) (not compatible with IC card reader and with NFC reader).