Digital Forensics All-In-One

Investigate All Things Digital

Digital Forensics All-In-One

There are no boundaries of digital evidence when you use E3:Universal. You can process file system/hard drive data, smartphone/mobile data, and IoT data.

The ability to have one unified interface and control over process is key for efficiency and consistency. Save time by not switching back and forth between tools and unify your data.

What can E3 do for my investigation?

E3 is designed to make your processing as effective and efficient as possible. It has x64 bit engines for all of it’s data processing which means you are working swiftly through the information. You have comprehensive support so if you have a computer and smartphone to process, you can do them together! We have your back, full 24×7 support, extensive documentation, and operator level certification included. We know what you need to get up and running.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Effective use of budgets with a low cost for subscription to maintain.
  • Variety of support from computers, email, internet data, smartphones, and IoT
  • Serious searching-full text indexing, over 150 languages supported, and OCR for images
  • You are supported with full access to your questions, service, and training.