Mobile Forensics

Comprehensive Mobile Support

Acquisitions, Analysis, & Cloud

Mobile forensics is the most dynamic of the digital forensic disciplines. Understanding those changes and staying on top of them is one of the hardest parts of the job. Paraben has got you covered with releases that are staying on top of updates, innovations to techniques, and analysis of the data you need to find.

Why is E3:DS different?

When we first started doing mobiles in 2001 we wanted to focus on one tool that you could do All aspects of the mobile in. We have always included all types of acquisitions in a single tool and support for the other aspects of the mobile device. When we state we are comprehensive we include it all.

Logical Acquisitions

Physical Acquisitions

Chinese Device Support

Cloud Support

Data Analysis

App Parsing

Locked Device Bypass

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Variety of support from feature phones, smartphones, GPS, tablets, and IoT
  • Serious searching-full text indexing, over 150 languages supported, and OCR for images

Validation Guarantee

Using more than one tool is NOT OPTIONAL! Cross validation is part of the forensic process. We know that and build in mechanisms to make that easy for you with our Case Compare functionality and Validation Training Course.