Forensic Hardware

The Data Recovery Stick is the easiest way for anyone to recover deleted files.  There’s no software to download and install.  Even if the files have been deleted from the recycle bin, you still recover them as long as they haven’t overwritten by new data.  Recovering deleted data doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

IRecovery Stick (for Apple Products)


The iRecovery Stick is a revolutionary product that can make anyone into a digital forensic examiner. The iRecovery Stick contains specialized investigation software on a USB drive that allows anyone to be able to investigate data on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. The iRecovery Stick can also recover deleted data.

Phone Recovery Stick (for Android Products)

recovery_stickThe Phone Recovery Stick is a revolutionary product that can make anyone into a digital forensic examiner. The Phone Recovery Stick contains specialized investigation software on a USB drive that allows anyone to be able to investigate data on Android based cell phones and tablets even if they are locked with a pattern screen lock. Best of all, the Phone Recovery Stick can recover deleted data.

Porn Detection Stick


The Porn Detection Stick is designed to scan all images and videos on your computer for illicit images. The Porn Detection Stick will scan through files, deleted data, internet history, and zip files so there’s no hiding improper activity.

Chat Stick  (Investigate Chat Conversations)

Chat Stick is a thumb drive device that will search your entire computer, scan it for chat logs from Yahoo, MSN 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, & 7.5, ICQ 1999-2003b, Trillian, Skype, Hello, & Miranda and create a report in an easy to read format so you can see what your kids or employees are saying to people online.

 Project-A-Phone Flex


Examining mobile phones manually has never been easier. Project-A-Phone Flex makes it easy to take high-quality screenshots of every screen on any device. Project-A-Phone Flex is the easiest way to investigate cell phones when your software can’t. The 8-megapixel camera allows you to take clear pictures of every screen on a device so nothing is missed. The camera connects right to your computer so you can get a clear picture of your picture before you even take it. You can even record HD quality video of your entire exam.


DP2C is a data targeted triage tool and full disc imaging tool built into one powerful and convenient device. You have the option to be able to collect specific data items such as email, graphics, or documents or do a full forensically sound bit-stream image. This bootable tool is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get your data collected.


Forensic UltraDock Write Blocker v5.5

Digital and forensics investigators, technicians, and lawyers who want to view, evaluate, or image a disk drive safely rely upon the CRU® WiebeTech® Forensic UltraDock™ v5. It’s an easy-to-use, professional-grade drive dock that provides a plethora of host and drives connections.


Mobile Field Kit

mobilefkThe Mobile Field Kit (MFK) is a portable version of DS that includes everything you need to perform acquisitions and analysis in the field. The MFK includes a license of DS embedded on a Windows laptop, cables and power options, and a Project-A-Phone ICD-8000 all in a sturdy, portable case. You have the option of a standard Windows laptop or a ruggedized laptop. One major advantage of the MFK is that it uses an open system which allows you to put other mobile forensic or computer forensic software on your system for use in the field. It also allows for manual driver updates to support the very newest phones without waiting for a software update.

Mobile Field Kit Touch

The Mobile Field Kit that is a hand-held cellular exploitation device that has the Device Seizure drivers embedded into the hardware. The hardware comes in a ruggedized case and has touchscreen capability for mobile extraction unit. The MFK allows for both logical and physical acquisitions of hand-held/mobile devices with the built-in capability.


Tabletop StrongHold Tent



Tabletop StrongHold Tent blocks out wireless signal from cell tower, wireless networks, and other signal sources to protect evidence during acquisitions.


Stronghold Bag


Wireless StrongHold bags use a patented design to block out wireless signals from cell towers, wireless networks, and other signal sources that threaten your digital evidence. Don’t let incoming communications contaminate your evidence or send wipe commands.


Forensic Duplicator

Digital Computer Forensic Line of Products

For Field Operation – Complete Digital Forensic Investigation Units: Consolidate many tools in one easy to carry unit, and with the best performance (better than laptops).
Digital Forensics Field data capture and imaging need speed – time is crucial! The field units combine a very fast and easy to use forensic imaging application (Linux) with Virtual Drive Emulator and S.M.A.R.T diagnostic tests.
As a platform to perform: Cellphones/Tablets Data Extraction and Analysis, full computer forensic analysis, and Forensic triage data collections.
It is especially extremely fast with E01/Ex01 formats, running with full compression, utilizing multiple threads in multiple sessions. The units are available with a Dual Boot Option. (Linux Forensic Imaging and Windows for Analysis)
For Lab Operation: Heavy duty models are available, multiple drives digital forensic imaging and network up-loaders

Shadow 3


An immediate forensic investigation, on-site or in the lab.  Boot and operate a suspect computer without changing the (hard drive) evidence. 



Write Blockers

wprotect_creaderWrite Protected Card Reader and write blockers can help you to transfer useful data to a PC from a digital camera, digital camcorder, PDA, MP3 player, digital voice recorder, digital media and more. It can read multiple types of flash memory card, drives, etc. It an attractive choice for any on-site forensic data capture application.