Full CODED Kit

Full CODED Kit for eMMC chips

Chip On Data Extraction Device


  • All TomTom Probe points supplied with Package
  • Using CODED Video
  • Extract data from eMMC chips without soldering or desoldering
  • Use with Easy JTAG (Z3X) box for mobile phone JTAG downloads – extra arms available on request
  • Non-destructive
  • No consumables
  1. Mount board in the CODED frame
  2. Follow the instructions to position the spring tip probe arms
  3. Connect by USB and image the device
  4. Run TomTology2
  5. Return a working device
  • All TomTom pinout points and dismantling videos can be provided, just follow the instructions.
  • All required equipment provided and bundled in a Pelican Case.
  • Hands on training package available.
  • Supports other eMMC based devices, not just TomToms.
  • Easy JTAG box provides probe points for many mobile phones (listed on their webiste), use in conjunction with GPG Adapter for solderless non-chipoff downloads.