Mobile Field Kit Phone Camera

The Mobile Field Kit that is a hand-held cellular exploitation device that has the Device Seizure drivers embedded into the hardware. The hardware comes in a ruggedized case and has touch screen capability for mobile extraction unit. The MFK allows for both logical and physical acquisitions of hand-held/mobile devices with the built-in capability. The Device Seizure in the Mobile Field Kit supports over 22,000 mobile profiles representing the largest share of mobile profiles supported in a single tool in the mobile forensic market. The MFK will come with an additional Lab dongle along with a copy of review software.


The Mobile Field Kit not only can extract the required items of a phonebook, pictures, videos, SMS, call history, ESN/IMEI, deleted SMS and call history, as well as SIM and USIM, but it can extract a variety of additional information. This information includes, but is not limited to file system extraction, MMS, full SIM details, additional PIM data. File system extraction is the only method for examiners to be able to determine if items like spyware are installed on the mobile device and are necessary for a proper investigation to be done. In addition, the extraction and analysis capabilities of the d Mobile Field Kit include case comparison functionality as well as the ability to do link analysis of the mobile phone data through our tools.
It also parses App data on both iOS and Android devices so that data such as Facebook messages and KIK or Text free can easily be reviewed as well as many other popular Apps.
Device Seizure in Mobile Field Kit supports 100% of iOS devices along with 96% of Android devices including E-Readers such as the Nook, Microsoft Mobile, Palm, Symbian, Blackberry and GPS devices.
This includes support for feature phone devices that are TDMA, CDMA, GSM and IDEN based.
The Mobile field Kit supports icloud back up and cloud supported apps. The MFK parses a number of the most popular apps.

Phone Camera System

100% Phone Support

Phone camera tool has been the go-to choice for photo imaging of mobile devices for over five years. Don’t waste time and money trying to perform manual cell phone examinations with a point-and-shoot camera. The HD camera connects right to your PC so you can easily see exactly what each image will look like and take each picture with the click of your mouse.

What will a Phone Camera do for my lab?

Phone Camera was designed to give you options when all else fails. You can take photos of the screens on your devices to make sure you are still following a proper procedure for capturing the critical information. Tools are not always perfect and sometimes neither is the device they deal with so this is the 100% option for dealing with mobiles, tablets, and other devices.

What are the two different models?

Phone Camera has two different model options.

The PAP-8000 is the smaller unit and can hold most standard phones and smartphones. The stable base allows you to interact and photograph the device with ease.

The PAP-FLEX is the larger unit that attaches to a table or desk in the lab. This unit can take pictures of any sized device and has also been used to take general pictures of devices as evidence as they come into the lab.

HD Camera

You don’t need to worry about resolution as the PAP camera has HD quality for both photos and videos.

User Friendly

PAP devices are easy to setup and use. The camera included is seen easily by Windows and it is minutes to be up and running.

Review Software Included

The Viewer software is included with your PAP purchase so you are able to review, and report easily