Stronghold Tent – TableTop


As wireless evidence increases as the primary source of data so do your need to protect your evidence from signal contamination. Faraday technology designs are trusted around the world to be able to block the signal on a variety of devices. From mobiles to drones we have a protection option available for you.

Tabletop StrongHold Tent was designed as an affordable alternative to heavy, clunky RF shielding test enclosures. Protect your wireless evidence by placing it in the Tabletop StrongHold Tent with your laptop while you perform your examination. The flexible gloves allow for smartphone screen manipulation while providing enough dexterity for you to type, remove cell phone batteries, or perform other necessary operations. You also have a full range of motion allowing you to reach all areas of the enclosure without limitation. The Tabletop StrongHold Tent includes an LED light and a mesh viewing area that allows you to see inside the tent.