Forensic Systems




Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device – FRED.

FRED systems are the ONLY forensic workstations which include the following integrated capabilities:

– IDE Drive Hardware Write Blocker / SATA Drive Hardware Write Blocker
– SAS Drive Write Blocker / USB3 Write Blocker
– Firewire Write Blocker / MultiMedia/Memory Card Forensic Write Blocker





Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device (Diminutive Interrogation Equipment) – FREDDIE.FREDDIE is a highly portable solution which meets both imaging and processing requirements. This system uses many of the same components as our larger FRED units





Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device – Laptop.  FREDL is the ultimate solution in mobile forensic imaging convenience and includes our UltraKit – the preferred mobile forensic acquisition solution.

Our latest FREDL can be upgraded to utilize up to 3 internal drives; OS, DATA and an M.2 SSD for your cache/database when using Encase or FTK.




FRED SR (Dual Xeon) is the highest performance member of the FRED family of forensic workstations. FRED SR has all the functional capabilities of a FRED system with the addition of components optimized for the absolute highest level of processor, memory, and I/O performance.


µFRED (Micro Fred)


µFRED, the Micro Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device.  µFRED is the Smallest, Full-Powered, Forensic Workstation. The uFRED now offers a third drive (SSD) upgrade to use for your Forensic Software’s Cache or Database.





VPER – Versatile Preservation & Examination Responder. The VPER kit is a multipurpose, portable unit that contains a complete array of hardware solutions to preview, acquire or process digital evidence.

8 GPU Server

HPC is ideal for password recovery using Passware or Elcomsoft