FRED is a Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device. The FRED family of forensic workstations are highly integrated, flexible and modular forensic platforms.

FRED systems are the ONLY forensic workstations which include the following integrated capabilities:

– IDE Drive Hardware Write Blocker
– SATA Drive Hardware Write Blocker
– SAS Drive Write Blocker
– USB3 Write Blocker
– Firewire Write Blocker
– MultiMedia/Memory Card Forensic Write Blocker

The Complete Forensic Hardware Solution.

FRED systems are optimized for stationary laboratory acquisition and analysis. Simply remove the hard drive(s) from the suspect system and plug them into FRED and acquire the digital evidence.

FRED will acquire data directly from IDE/EIDE/ ATA/SATA/ATAPI/SCSI I/SCSI II/SCSI III hard drives and storage devices and save forensic images to DVD, CD or or hard drives. FRED systems also acquire data from floppies, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Compact Flash, Micro Drives, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD Cards, Secure Digital Media and Multimedia Cards.

Furthermore, with the optional tape drive FRED is capable of archiving to or acquiring evidence from DLT-V4 tapes. With the RAID option FRED has an incredible 2.0 TB (2000 GB) of internal RAID storage.

All FRED systems include the UltraBay, custom front panel connections, and removable drive trays so there is no need to open up the processing system to install drives or crawl around the back of the unit to attach devices.

The UltraBay – Integrated IDE, SATA, and SCSI Write Blockers.

UltraBay The Digital Intelligence UltraBay can be used to acquire a forensically sound image of IDE, SATA, and SCSI drives using your choice of Forensic Imaging software. Your IDE, SATA, and SCSI drives may be connected and removed from the UltraBay without having to shut down the workstation or leaving the GUI. The UltraBay is exclusively available with Digital Intelligence FRED systems and is not available separately or from any other source.

Fast, Functional, and Flexible!

FRED systems come with two high capacity hard drives. One of these drives is used for your Operating System(s), forensic acquisition, processing tools and the other drive as a work drive for restoring and processing digital evidence. FRED comes pre-installed with a Triple-Boot Operating System (DOS 6.22, Win98 DOS, and Windows XP Pro) on the Primary Drive.

Additionally, a fully-loaded, pre-configured Suse Linux installation image is also included on DVD for installation if desired. Both hard drives are supplied in shock-mounted removable drive trays. FRED Systems also come with integrated hot-swappable IDE and SATA bays to enable rapid installation and removal of evidence storage drives without the need for rebooting the system.

Network Functionality Built In.

All FRED systems can be connected directly to a network (10/100/1000 Mb ethernet) for use as a standard workstation or file server when not processing or acquiring data.