Write Blockers



The UltraKit III now includes an USB blocker, ZIF Adapter and MicroSATA Adapter. It can also include a FireWire blocker, Forensic Duplicator 2, Forensic Imager 3 or the SAS Protocol Module.


(Bag of Write Blockers)


T35u Read only

SATA to USB forensic bridge

The Read Only USB 3.0 IDE-SATA (USB 2.0 compatible) is used to acquire data from an IDE or SATA hard drive in a forensically sound write-protected environment. The USB 3.0 family of portable forensic bridges offer faster imaging speeds, reliable performance, and an easy to use USB 3.0 host computer connection.




T35u Read/ write

SATA to USB forensic bridge

The T35u-RW is identical to the T35u, except that the T35u-RW is pre-configured for read/write operation. The yellow-case of the T35u-RW highlights the fact that it is a read/write device, compared to the black cases of other forensic bridges that represent write-blocked devices.





SAS to USB forensic bridge

Built for fast forensic imaging of SAS hard drives when in the field, the T6u uses high-performance USB 3.0 product architecture to deliver double the imaging speed of the previous generation, T6es.



USB to USB forensic bridge

Dealing with big storage and bigger data presents today’s forensic examiner with greater challenges than ever before. The new Tableau T8u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge delivers best-in-class, secure, hardware-based write-blocking of USB mass storage devices.


T9 Firewire

Firewire to USB forensic bridge

The T9 Forensic FireWire Bridge offers secure, hardware write-blocking for FireWire storage devices and has established itself as the premier hardware write-blocker for use with firewire devices. The T9 was built specifically for the needs of computer forensic investigators and technicians.


Forensic Card Reader

Forensic card Reader

Write Protected Card Reader is a compact, all-in-one solution for reading twelve different common flash memory media. It can transfer useful data to a PC from digital camera, digital camcorder, PDA, MP3 player, digital voice recorder and more. It can read multiple types of flash memory by using this card reader. A small palm-size package, simple USB connection, no external power requirement make this an attractive choice for any on-site investigation.