T35u Read only SATA-IDE write blocker


The USB 3.0 Forensic IDE/SATA Bridge supports write-blocked, forensic acquisitions of both SATA and IDE storage devices through a fast USB 3.0 host connection. It offers forensic examiners the ease of use, reliability, and imaging speed necessary to image today’s larger and faster hard-disk drives – in both lab or field environments.

With the advent of USB 3.0, the clutter of multiple host connections has been replaced by a single Super Speed USB 3.0 port. You’ll have the robust write-blocking technology that is the standard by which all other SATA and IDE write blockers are measured, now powered by the performance potential of USB 3.0. Still just as easy to use as ever; simply connect, power up, and image.

For added security, the USB 3.0 device introduces the new ‘Firmware Update’ button, which places the unit in a special mode for updating its firmware through the Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility. TFU has been rewritten for updates via USB, making it easier than ever to maintain the correct version of firmware on new Tableau products.

If desired, the user can configure the device for either Read-Only or Read-Write operation through the use of internal dip switches. (An LED is provided on the case to confirm when the unit is configured in Read-Only Mode).

Kit Contents

  • T35u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge in Read-Only Mode
  • TP2 Power Supply with US-style Power Cord
  • TC2-8-R2 3M to Molex Cable
  • TC5-8-R2 SATA to 3M Cable
  • TC6-8 IDE Cable 2″ Length
  • TC3-8 SATA Cable
  • USB3 Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Zippered nylon kit bag