SUSE software-defined infrastructure (SDI)

Infrastructure at the Speed of Business
IoT and the digital economy are driving a fundamental shift in how we do business and in consumer expectations. To meet these rising expectations, businesses must transform their IT infrastructure and processes to be more agile and efficient while maintaining data privacy and security. Many are turning to a software-defined infrastructure to meet these changing demands while supporting new business processes and methodologies such as DevOps.

SUSE software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions enable IT to help drive innovation with greater agility, automation and reduced costs. They offer the flexibility and efficiency needed to improve time-to-market while ensuring service availability, so that customers can access applications and services anytime they need them. SUSE SDI solutions help to reduce costs by leveraging existing or low-cost commodity hardware, cloud computing architectures, centralized management and are built using open source software to avoid vendor lock-in. We provide a full SDI reference architecture that is modular and flexible, supporting adoption of DevOps methodologies and processes. Our value is not just taking open source technologies and packaging them up, but rather creating and integrating the management, orchestration and automation capabilities that enable infrastructure at the speed of business.

We offer open source solutions with a unique and flexible software-defined infrastructure and application delivery approach that help you to:

Improve agility to quickly meet changing business needs
Enable innovation with enterprise stability
Improve IT efficiency and reduce costs