Degaussing And Secure Erase

Degauss your tapes and hard drives to destroy sensitive data. If your quantity of media doesn’t justify for you to purchase a Degausser, for small to medium usage, we are pleased to provide you with our degaussing service using a CESG security approved degausser.

Hard disk degaussing is available for any type of hard disk, working or faulty drives below 500GB (normal IDE or SATA hard disk, SCSI or SAS hard disk, tapes, etc) to ensure irreversible destruction of data. Secure data destruction service at an affordable price for any magnetic data storage, such as diskettes, hard disks and tapes up to CESG security standards or Department of Defense Specifications.

We can degauss (erase) and then destroy or return your erased Hard disks or media. If you are just getting rid of the old media or migrating to a new system, we can assist in making sure that old data no longer exists on the media. We can certify work is completed. In some cases, you may want to erase and recycle your media.

Secure data wiping or erasure service is available for IDE/ SATA hard disks, USB thumbdrives, CF-SD-miniSD-microSD-Transflash-MMC-memory stick-M2 memory cards. The media must be in working condition and after wiping/ erasing, you can re-use the media. Prices are available for wiping up to IT standards or Department of Defense specifications.