Duplication And Back-up

Duplication and replication are two different methods of reproducing a CD/DVD. Duplication is the method most of us are familiar with. Utilising a laser, data is sequentially written/burned to a CD-R/DVD-R. CD/DVD duplication becomes a most cost effective method, creating copies of CD/DVD below 1,000 pcs. For other media, such as cards and hard disks, we can do more, also at a low price.

In addition to offering data cloning products, AdvanceIT Pte Ltd offers vast range of data management services, including media duplication. By duplicating your media, it can also convert from one format to another to avoid data loss. We understand that quality is a major concern for our customers. This is why AdvanceIT Pte Ltd is committed to providing and using the high quality tools that offer you the utmost reliability.

If you need multiple copies for backup, sales, seminars, celebrations or gifts. Our copying service is for CD, DVD, hard disk, SSD, USB thumbdrive, CF-SD-miniSD-microSD-Transflash-MMC-memory stick-M2 memory cards, etc.

Remember, our services are designed to cover all types for our customers, from copying one regular CD-R to duplicating hundreds of CD-Rs or DVDs – or any other kind of media-we stand ready to do whatever to takes to make sure your back-up needs are met. Our all encompassing services include duplicating any type of flash memory cards, SATA and ATA disks.

Although many companies have their PCs backed up daily, they still do not have a plan to backup or restore critical data when a server failure occurs. When this dismal event occurs – and it always does – the backup media doesn’t backup the critical data needed to restore the system. We urge you to take action now, so you can avoid finding your company in this terrible situation. Use our expert services to duplicate your business data that is stored on disks, flash media – and any other kind of media!

We realize that price is important. That’s why you’ll find our prices are very competitive. AdvanceIT Pte Ltd only charges you for services rendered. You’ll find no hidden fees in our prices and you’ll find our prices makes it possible to start your project right away. Our project completion time is reasonable. We know that time is money. Therefore, we make sure that our prices are competitive and we get the job done on time.